Glitter Tits


GLITTER TITS offers chunky cosmetic glitter and pop-up glitter services. All our glitters are hand-mixed and suitable for face, body and hair. We're passionate about laser cut shapes, beautiful colours and creating mixes that you won't find anywhere else!



Glitter Tits London was set-up by Lucy Benson-Brown and Angelica Sule.

Lucy and Jelli met through mutual friends and spent many a festival season dancing together and having a good time. For the record, Jelli was always glitter's friend - constantly covered head to toe, whereas Lucy was not a fan at all. It was too small, too fiddly, got into EVERYTHING and for years Lucy avoided putting it anywhere near her face, hair, body - always jealous of Jelli's sparkles from afar.

But then one festival, she found chunky face glitter and fell in love with it. The best thing being that you could look unbelievably awesome and STILL be able to get it all off when you went to bed in the small hours. Result! And all this chunky glitter came in an array of sizes, shapes, colours - you could make a mix of whatever you wanted. Only problem was that she couldn't find the exact mix or colours that she was after - it was all too pearlescent, too shimmery, too "Mermaidy".

For the record: Mermaids and Unicorns are totally fine. But we don't want to be Mermaids and Unicorns. We want to be frickin' badass. We want to wear something that not everyone else has, something that has a sense of humour, a personality and unites us as a fabulous tribe. Also, men can wear our glitters too, we're totes not exclusive like that.

So Lucy approached Jelli and after some thought -- GLITTER TITS was born!



Glitter Tits is ALL about the shapes. We're all about laser cut flowers, leaves, smileys, triangles, hexagons, circles, diamonds, even Mickey Mouse ears.  And we're still looking to create and cut our own, to make sure that all of our mixes are truly individual and not just a pile of iridescent dust.

In all our our glitters, there will always be a beautiful shape or a series of shapes that make up the mix.

All of our glitters are cosmetic grade and personally selected and hand-mixed with love.

We truly believe in the quality of our glitters and know that you won't find our mixes anywhere else.