Glitter Tits


What is your glitter made of?

Currently, our glitter is made of PET plastic, a soft plastic which makes it suitable to apply to the face.

How much do I get?

All glitters come in weighed 5g amounts. As different glitters weight different amounts, some variation may occur. 

Why are your glitters not biodegradable?

Trust us. We are working on it. Whilst we love looking sparkly and awesome, Glitter Tits are 100% committed to finding awesome shapes that are 100% biodegradable. Obviously as the processes are still being developed, we don't currently have access to the colours and shapes that we would like, but we are ON IT and we're going to make sure that as soon as we have biodegradable in our midst, we're going to make all our mixes BioGlitter.

It is worth mentioning that our roaming booths have BioGlitters, we just can't find all the shapes yet for our mixes.

How do you apply your glitters?

We would recommend using Cosmetic Glue, PawPaw or Vaseline to lightly apply our glitters to your face or body. As with all cosmetics, irritation can occur so please always perform a patch test prior to use. Remove using water with cotton wool or a cosmetic wipe, taking care to not scrub too hard. If product enters eye, wash immediately with water and if irritation persists seek medical advice. 

I'm running an event, how do I get Glitter Tits there?

We love doing events and will do our best to be at yours! Visit our Events Page for more information or email for Rates & Terms.

Who stocks your glitters?

At the moment, we just sell here via our website, at UK festivals and also via our Etsy Shop. If you are interestered in stocking our glitters, please email us or use the contact form via our Contact Page.